The Nitty Gritty

Closing the hood on vanilla JavaScript and opening the passenger door into the basics of ReactJS

Lets build: part 2 of a “from scratch intro to ReactJS, DocumentFragment to React.Fragment

Last time, we worked through the process of how React works — from creating the base files needed to walk through creating a node, attaching that node to a DocumentFragment Interface, and finally, attaching that Fragment to <div id="root"></div> all purely in vanilla JavaScript. If you haven’t seen any of that yet, I strongly urge you to check out that article, the related code, and the video on YouTube, all linked here.

Before we get into “The Nitty Gritty” of the documentation, let's get our bases covered because there are a few questions that should get answered right away.

What’s the difference between NPM and NPX?


The Nitty Gritty

A detailed explanation of how components work for beginners in React.

Getting into React without understanding the basics of code, without understanding the “under the hood” aspect of React, and without understanding the “why they do this” of React will really stunt your growth in becoming a better Front End developer or Software Engineer — depending on where you start or continue your career.

In this post, I am going to be making a few assumptions about you as the reader:

  1. You have an understanding of HTML, how tags work, how the hierarchy of tags work with parent and child elements, and how to create HTML files.
  2. You have a working…

This account was created a long time ago — like pretty much in the stone age at this point. Back in those days, Travis Neilson still ran DevTips, no one commented on videos asking where Travis was, and we still remembered him bouncing around in his hotel room before giving a tutorial on how to make an email that actually works everywhere.

By now, you’re probably asking yourself “Who’s writing this?” “I thought David and MPJ of FFF owned all of this now.” …


The official blog for the DevTips show on YouTube hosted by @theoriginalandrew. Read about the thoughts, whys and why nots of each tutorial.

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